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Getting the Most for Your Remodeling Dollar
Feature Dec 12, 2019

Getting the Most for Your Remodeling Dollar

Replacing the garage door, adding stone veneer to the front of the home, or just a minor kitchen remodel are some of the things consumers can do to get the most return on their remodeling dollar.

Every year Remodeling Magazine surveys various regions in the country to see what’s trending in home improvement and how to get the best return on investment. 

The complete study is available at:

According to the report, Americans spend $400 billion dollars a year remodeling their home and they do it for several reasons: to upgrade worn-out surfaces and materials, change a space, and lastly to add features to improve livability.

“If you’re planning to sell, curb appeal is very important and that’s why the return is so high when you improve the front of the home,” said Brian Pauley of Remodel Me Today, one of the many professional remodelers who will be talking to consumers at the 2020 NARI Home Improvement Show at the Huntington Convention Center downtown Cleveland.

He says kitchen and bathroom remodels are still the big attractions because many people want the luxury features of today, like smart appliances, better cabinetry, extra storage in toe-kicks, and LED lighting.

Pauley emphasizes the need for homeowners to have a budget in mind and not try to cut corners in the process.

“What’s really important is the quality of the remodel because if the job is not done properly, the return goes way down, which is all the more reason you want a qualified contractor, preferably a member of NARI, an organization that promotes “Remodeling Done Right.TM