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Interior Design Stage Jan 12, 2020 12:30 PM

Designing for Wellness

Presenter: Susie Frazier

Acclaimed artist and Emmy award-winning TV personality, Susie Frazier, has spent the last 20 years designing calm-inducing art and accents for hospitals, hotels, corporations and homes. Having lived with undiagnosed anxiety and ADHD since childhood, she developed her own methodology, rooted in biophilia, for enhancing spaces in ways that ease the overstimulated brain. In her new book, Designing For Wellness, Susie shares simple decorating principles anyone can implement to create more calm in their lives. During her talk at the NARI Home Improvement Show, she will inspire attendees with photographs of real projects, ideas for turning rooms into soothing sanctuaries, and a brief overview of the science and the standards coming out of this new era of WELL Building.

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